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For Your Health

To a healthier lifestyle, in a natural way.


Products built for you.

We know nature can help. Our faith in our product comes from the meticulous care it receives from seed to shelf. We bring real education around the benefits of natural remedies while supplying high-quality organic products.

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Reclaim Your Health

At Sage & Cedar, we believe in putting your health back in your hands.   We’ve developed blendable products that uphold your unique health goals and are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.


Plants have been used since the beginning of time to cultivate health, and we take great care in preserving the natural medicinal qualities of the world around us. All of our products, from hemp to herbal teas, are organically grown, meticulously crafted and tested in a state-of-the-art lab. 


We also provide education on the uses and benefits of each product, so that you feel confident in your health choices.


Build Your Better

Our products are specifically categorized to help you find what you need easily and with confidence.